1. When does Acua Water Park open and when does it close?
    The Park usually opens the week before Holy Week and closes the last week of November. Specifically, in 2022, it opens on Friday April 8 and closes on Sunday, November 6.
  2. What are the opening hours of the Park?
    The schedule varies according to the month. You can check it here:
    - April and May: 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    - June, July, August, and the first 4 days of September: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    - From September 5th till closing (November 6th): 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
  3. I am a Canary Island resident, are there any discounts for me?
    Yes, you qualify for our Canary Island resident rate by presenting the corresponding credentials (DNI, Census certificate, etc.) at the box office of our Park.
    Mid-week Canary Island resident rates are: €20.00/adult and €14.00/child.
  4. Where is Acua Water Park located? Do you offer your own transportation service?
    The Park is located in the northern part of Fuerteventura island, particularly, in the Corralejo area, at Av. Nuestra Señora del Carmen No. 41.
    We offer transportation service from the tourist areas of Caleta de Fuste, Costa Calma, and Jandía. You can check the details here
  5. How deep are the swimming pools?
    We have many swimming pools, each one with specific characteristics according to their purpose. In general, the slides reception pools comply with the guidelines set by the Safety regulations, with a 1.4 m depth, while other pools, such as the one used for activities, have a 3 m depth.
  6. Are there height limitations for enjoying the attractions?
    To use the attractions, you must be at least 1.20 m tall. However, for those who do not meet these requirements, we have other attractions (family and children attractions), swimming pools, and activities.
  7. Do you have a catering service?
    We have two catering points:
    - Self Service: Our reference catering point where we offer a wide gastronomic range at the best price.
    - Pool Bar: This offer complements our catering service. It is located at the centre of the Park, so our visitors have access to a point of sale offering fast food and cold beverages.
  8. Do you offer special prices for groups? How can I request a quote?
    At Acua Water Park we understand that fun is greater when you enjoy with others. That is why, so that you can come with all your friends and family, we offer special prices for groups of both residents and non-residents. To benefit from this discount, you have to request your quote in the following form
  9. Where can I purchase my ticket to the Park?
    There are several options, the most common one is going straight to our box office, although you may also purchase your ticket through our website (www.acuawaterpark.com) or through any of the other sales channels we have available with our third-party collaborators (Hotels, Tour operators, Travel Agencies, Rent & Car, etc.). 
  10. Can I access Acua Water Park with food purchased outside the Park?
    Access with food and drink is not allowed. We have two catering points where we offer a variety of dishes and drinks. In any case, our Park also offers the possibility to leave and re-enter the premises as often as the customers require, as long as they keep the bracelet we provide them at the entrance.
  11. Do you organise special activities for children?
    The Park has an entertainment service that, throughout the day, carries out various activities, both for children and adults, to keep all family members satisfied.
  12. Are floats and lockers free?
    We have some attractions that require the user to use a float. We have free floats available for our customers at each of these attractions. In the event that our customers wish to avoid queues and waits, they may choose to rent a float for their personal use. Renting a single or double float has a € 5.00 cost with a € 5,00 deposit, which will be returned once the float is returned at the point of sale.
  13. Is there somewhere I can leave the kids?
    The Park has an exclusive area for the little ones, our Kids Club, where children will be safe while parents, who wish to take a break, can enjoy our facilities. In this area, the children will be supervised by our staff and will be able to carry out various activities or games.
  14. What could people with disabilities do? And what would be the cost for those activities?
    The Park is adapted to receive people with disabilities, offering access to all its corners. Swimming in one of our most attractive swimming pools, our wave pool, is totally accessible as the increasing depth of the pool makes access of people with reduced mobility possible thanks to our amphibious chair. This chair is available for our customers to use at all times, while being supervised by our team of first responders.
    The price of the entrance ticket for people with disabilities is symbolic, € 6,00/person. The customer must demonstrate the disabled condition upon entering the Park in order to apply this rate.